Ethereum Development Update: Istanbul Hard-Fork

Ethereum is on the eve of its “Istanbul” hard fork. The upgrade is scheduled to occur at Block 9069000, which is expected to be confirmed this weekend. This will be one of many hard forks that will take place before Ethereum’s big transition from proof of work to proof of stake. Many of the changes for… Read More

Monero Development Update: Successful Hard-Fork

The privacy focused cryptocurrency, Monero, underwent a successful hard fork on November 30th. Congratulations to the Monero community and the developers that worked hard on this upgrade. Hard-forks of cryptocurrency networks require everyone on the network to upgrade their software in order to stay compatible with the majority of the network. This means Monero  miners,… Read More

Edge & FIO Bitcoin Giveaway!

Edge and FIO have teamed up for a crypto giveaway! You can enter to win $250 in BTC by heading over to and registering for a free FIO address by December 1st (midnight EST). After registering with FIO make sure to link your Edge Wallet to your FIO account for a chance to win. … Read More

The Importance of Self-Custody

Many users around the world onboard into crypto for the first time through exchanges. These users end up leaving their crypto holdings on various exchanges who act as custodians over their assets. This is natural for many who are used to leaving fiat assets with third parties who have developed best practices, have strong regulatory… Read More

Earn 4% Interest Using Crypto in Edge

In a previous post we highlighted an exciting DeFi project called Compound. Compound allows Ethereum asset holders to earn interest on their ETH, DAI, BAT, ZRX, REP, USDC, and WBTC holdings.  In a world of negligible or even negative interest rates, depositors and investors are looking for alternatives. Some crypto assets are quite compelling in… Read More

Making Edge a Secure Vault

Security is always a trade off between protection from an outside attacker and usability to the end user. At Edge we have always strived to find the balance between the two, making hardened security as simple and even invisible to users. In this article we’d like to provide several steps to fully maximize the security of Edge… Read More

De-Fi: Compound Finance

At the office, we’ve been watching and listening to people all over the world get very excited about a concept called Decentralized Finance or “DeFi”. Finance is the connecting point between those with surplus capital and those that demand capital. Historically, people or institutions came in between these two groups providing trust, efficiency, standardization, and expertise… Read More

Edge: A Global Self-Custody Exchange

Through our various exchange partners, Edge users are able to exchange their local fiat currency for crypto, as well as swap from one crypto to another crypto all on their mobile device.   Edge users are able to make these exchanges without another entity holding their assets and instead have sole control over their assets once… Read More

Edge Development Update

This release features the integration of our new backend exchange partner, Bity! Bity allows users to exchange (buy & sell) up to 5’000 CHF a day using their European bank account without going through the KYC or “Know Your Customer” identity processes. Bity, in Edge, gives European users looking to buy and sell Bitcoin a… Read More

Bitcoin Development: Schnorr Signatures

“We define an electronic coin as a chain of digital signatures.” Satoshi Nakamoto Digital signatures are a foundational technology of Bitcoin and other digital networks billions of people use every day. On digitally native networks like Bitcoin, digital signatures serve the functions of authorization and proof much like a hand-written signature on a check implies… Read More