What is XRP?

XRP is a crypto-asset created in January 2013 by OpenCoin, Inc. which soon after became Ripple Labs, the company we all know today. One of the co-founders and creators of XRP, Jed McCaleb, has had a large impact on the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Jed was an early Bitcoin miner who also helped found the Mt. Gox… Read More

What is the Lightning Network?

The Lightning Network was a proposal made in late 2015 by developers Joseph Poon and Thaddeus Dryja to increase the scalability of Bitcoin, specifically, and blockchains in general. Scalability of blockchains is all about the potential transaction throughput of these networks. Blockchain based networks require a large amount of parties to keep track of every… Read More

Decentralized Exchange(s)

Decentralized Exchanges, commonly referred to as DEXs, have been operational for years but are still a very small part of the overall exchange market. Much of the exchange market is dominated by centralized exchanges. Decentralization and centralization each serve useful functions for trading cryptoassets. So what’s the distinction between the two type of exchanges? Decentralization… Read More

Censorship Resistance for Content Creators

Some content creators on big media platforms like Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook over the last few years have experienced censorship by private decree from certain platforms. Although the de-platforming has been carried out by for profit companies, large platforms act as large network hubs which state actors can and do use as central sites of… Read More

Security Tokens

A lot of financial innovation involve novel ways of securitizing real world assets such as a business or piece of real estate. To securitize something is to create a relationship between a contract, that is legally enforceable by the law/state, and an underlying real world asset. The contract and the underlying are separate but related…. Read More

How to Buy EOS in Edge

Users can now buy EOS and set up an EOS account handle right within the Edge Wallet in just a few easy steps. If you already have some crypto in your wallet you can use it to fund an EOS account with Bitcoin or Litecoin and swap some of your crypto for EOS using our… Read More

FIO: Bringing Interoperability to Wallets and Exchanges

FIO, short for “Foundation for Interwallet Operability”, is an interoperability effort spearheaded by Dapix, Inc an experienced team of technologists based out of Denver, CO. The Foundation has created the FIO protocol, an open source solution to some of the usability problems of blockchain based assets like Bitcoin. The protocol is being formed by leading… Read More

What is EOS?

The latest release of the Edge Wallet supports EOS, one of the more high profile and well funded projects in the cryptocurrency landscape. EOS is the brainchild of Dan Larimer, a well known technologist in the cryptocurrency space. Larimer was an early adopter of Bitcoin and had some interesting public discussions with Satoshi Nakamato and… Read More

EOS Support, Buy with Wyre, and Bitrefill gift cards

We’re hitting the ground running in 2019 with another major update to Edge. We’ve added support for EOS, another top ten cryptocurrency measured by current market capitalization. Users can now create and activate an EOS wallet as well as an EOS account name all within Edge. Users will also be able to pay for their… Read More

Looking Back on 2018 & Looking Forward to 2019

  If you only consumed mainstream media narratives about crypto-assets the last quarter of 2018, you would have thought the world was ending for everyone involved. Operating a business and technology platform for the last five years within the ecosystem tells a different story. Projects are maturing, more businesses and projects are forming, companies are… Read More

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