Security Platform and Crypto-Asset Wallet

Airbitz is now Edge!

http://edgesecure.co/ Airbitz has always set itself apart from other bitcoin wallets by focusing on client side security that is not only incredibly private, but also… Read More

Matryx teams up with Airbitz

 Matryx Airbitz Inc is partnering with Matryx, a platform for decentralized collaboration, to increase the usability and security of the Matryx user experience. Matryx is… Read More

Airbitz Partners with Cashaa

Cashaa Airbitz is partnering with Cashaa, a blockchain based remittance application, providing Cashaa users with the same tools that make Airbitz the safest, easiest to… Read More

Crypto Is Currency

Much of the cryptocurrency hype has much to do with the exciting price moves that oscillate wildly up and down and back up again that… Read More

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