The Next Frontiers

Widely scoffed at before, Bitcoin and the greater crypto ecosystem recently surpassed a market capitalization of two trillion dollars making up considerable fractions of the currency and precious metal markets. Even former skeptical traditional financiers and central bankers have conceded some of these points while offering their own critiques as the market has gotten to… Read More

The Geopolitics of Bitcoin

At the end of our previous article about inflation, we briefly discussed Ray Dalio’s theory of the Long Term Debt Cycle (LTDC). In short, the LTDC is the monetary epoch and system underpinning the more regularly recurring short-term debt cycles also known as business cycles. The short-term debt cycles are the normal ups and downs… Read More

Inflation: What is it & Where is it heading?

Discussions about inflation often get muddled by commentators who might look at one measure of inflation and say there is no inflation and other commentators that will focus on another and say we’re in the middle or on the cusp of hyperinflation. The truth is often balanced between the extremes. Most countries’ economies have a… Read More

The Spectre of MMT & The Importance of Crypto

Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) has been a minor heterodox economic school in academia for the last couple of decades. Its stature in public policy and academic circles has grown mostly through a very informal academic blogosphere that emerged in the late 1990s and 2000s outside of the academic institutions themselves. Inspiration for MMT can be… Read More

Edge Development Update: Notify A No-Coiner

Edge is proud to announce our new “Notify A No-Coiner” messaging service that allows Edge users to alert radical No-Coiners of all the massive gains they’re missing out on. We all have certain people in our lives, whether they be friends, family, or social media rivals, that have teased us and doubted our insistence that… Read More

The Current State of Multi-chain Interoperability

With the continued proliferation and growth of blockchain-based networks, it has become pretty clear that technologists and investors who dominate the crypto market are creating a multi-chain world. This may cause tribalists of any particular chain considerable consternation but many chains have and will continue to attract capital, users, entrepreneurs, and developers despite anyone’s particular… Read More

EIP-1559: Fee Market Improvement & Scarcity Engine

Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) 1559 has generated incredible excitement over the last few weeks throughout the Ethereum community. This EIP is a redesign of the Ethereum fee market, motivated by a desire to improve the user experience, which can be volatile and expensive due to rapid fluctuations in demand for block-space. These wild swings in… Read More

Interest Bearing Tokens in Edge: aTokens & cTokens

We currently support two sets of interest-bearing tokens in Edge, cTokens and aTokens, with the possibility of more sets being added in the not too distant future. The specific tokens we support are generated from the operation of the Compound (cTokens) and Aave (aTokens) money market dapps.  Aave and Compound depositors earn interest paid by… Read More

New DeFi Tokens Added to Edge

In the latest release of Edge we’ve added a fairly large basket of ERC-20 assets to the wallet. We’ve all watched DeFi (Decentralized Finance) on Ethereum explode over the last year and a half, all while the actions of our legacy institutions have made it hard to ignore the importance of permission-less and transparent financial… Read More

New Year, New Look: Edge 2.0

As long time supporters of our company know, the first product we launched to market in 2014 was Airbitz — a mobile Bitcoin wallet, focused on the ability to send and receive BTC between peers and merchants, with a built in business directory to facilitate just that. As the market for crypto assets expanded rapidly,… Read More