What is EOS?

The latest release of the Edge Wallet supports EOS, one of the more high profile and well funded projects in the cryptocurrency landscape. EOS is the brainchild of Dan Larimer, a well known technologist in the cryptocurrency space. Larimer was an early adopter of Bitcoin and had some interesting public discussions with Satoshi Nakamato and… Read More

EOS Support, Buy with Wyre, and Bitrefill gift cards

We’re hitting the ground running in 2019 with another major update to Edge. We’ve added support for EOS, another top ten cryptocurrency measured by current market capitalization. Users can now create and activate an EOS wallet as well as an EOS account name all within Edge. Users will also be able to pay for their… Read More

Looking Back on 2018 & Looking Forward to 2019

  If you only consumed mainstream media narratives about crypto-assets the last quarter of 2018, you would have thought the world was ending for everyone involved. Operating a business and technology platform for the last five years within the ecosystem tells a different story. Projects are maturing, more businesses and projects are forming, companies are… Read More

Support Proof of Keys using Edge!

Trace Mayer, an early Bitcoin adopter and investor, has officially started an initiative called “Proof of Keys”. The initiative calls on all Bitcoin holders to take their holdings off of custodial wallets or exchanges and take full control of their money on the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin’s birth. We support this effort and look forward… Read More

The Fed, Interest Rates, and the Big Six

There’s been a lot of commotion surrounding the Federal Reserve, the US Treasury, and financial markets given the recent volatility in the stock and credit markets , tweets by President Donald Trump, and impromptu calls to the six largest commercial banks in the United States from the Secretary of the US Treasury . The events… Read More


Over the last two years stablecoin projects have increased substantially, attracting big names with a lot of capital. Digital Currency Group, Polychain Capital, A16z, Pantera, and others, have made big bets on stablecoin projects. Over twenty of these projects are live and more are close to launching. Stablecoins jumped back into the news when the… Read More

Benefits of a Bear Market

A bull market can be intoxicatingly fun for fairly obvious reasons. Everyone is up, optimism is high, euphoria is rampant, and some dreams come true. Entrepreneurs, speculators, and investors all feel like geniuses. All market charts and personal balances look amazing but like any phase of euphoria, it must come to end. Underneath any sizable… Read More

How to Claim Your BSV With Replay Protection

Our latest release (v1.4.4) will allow users to split their Bitcoin Cash (BCH) holdings into BCH and BSV compatible wallets. Included in the split function is some home-brewed replay protection. Replay protection was not added at the protocol level of the BCH-BSV chain-split but we were able to implement replay protection for Edge users which… Read More

Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork Update

In a previous post, before the planned Bitcoin Cash hard-fork, we communicated to our users the possibility of a chain split, what our position was, and what users should do and not do. Now that the fork has passed we have more clarity on the situation and can move forward. We stated in our first… Read More

Fast & Cheap Monero Transactions in Edge

  Hot off the hands of our QA department, release v1.4.3 is a big boost in performance and fixes for Edge. We’ve added support for Monero bulletproofs which enable fast and cheap transactions. We’re seeing transaction fees from $0.02 to fractions of a cent. This new version also boosts performance for log-ins into accounts by… Read More

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