The Bitcoin Halving

During our recent trips to Tampa and Miami, we received a few questions about the upcoming cut in the issuance rate of Bitcoin known as the halving. We aren’t forecasters, nor market experts, and don’t pretend to be, but there are some things we can say about it that might help users understand its effect. … Read More

BSV Development Update: Genesis Hardfork

Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (BSV) has a hard fork named “Genesis” scheduled for tomorrow, February 4th.  BSV’s name advertises what the network is all about. Many developers and enthusiasts in the BSV camp were disillusioned by BTC and BCH’s development path and have wanted to restore the Bitcoin protocol to its original framework, putting emphasis on… Read More

Edge Development Update

Thanks to our fiat exchange partner MoonPay, Edge users in the United States can buy crypto-assets via Apple Pay! MoonPay has been aggressively expanding all around the world, enabling more users, wherever they are, to onboard into a wide range of crypto-assets. We’re proud to have MoonPay as a partner and look forward to their… Read More

Bitcoin Cash Development Update: Storm and Graphene v2

The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) development community has established a culture of continuous, regular improvement. For the time being, the community seeks to upgrade the network twice a year on May 15 and November 15. The purpose of the upgrades are usually aimed at improving the network’s scalability, improving the user experience, and improving the protocol’s… Read More

Year in Review: 2019

Through 2018 Edge had a few exchange options but we were committed to expanding those options considerably in 2019. And in 2019 we did just that. Edge, thanks to our team’s hard work, can meet the exchange needs of our global user base in more ways with more of the assets they care about.  We’re… Read More

Dash Development Update: Dash Evolution

The Dash Evolution conference concluded on December 7th with some big announcements and presentations about the future of Dash. The Dash network has been innovative since its inception, being at the forefront of concepts such as masternodes, crypto-governance, and a network based proposal system.  The Dash Platform The Dash development community will be rolling out… Read More

Edge Development Update

In this release we’ve expanded exchange capabilities in Europe, re-designed our interface, and included Multi-Collateral Dai to the ERC-20 tokens we support by default.  Our exchange partner, Safello, has only supported the buying of crypto-assets in Edge but in this release has enabled sell for Edge users who want to cash out of their crypto-assets… Read More

Ethereum Development Update: Istanbul Hard-Fork

Ethereum is on the eve of its “Istanbul” hard fork. The upgrade is scheduled to occur at Block 9069000, which is expected to be confirmed this weekend. This will be one of many hard forks that will take place before Ethereum’s big transition from proof of work to proof of stake. Many of the changes for… Read More

Monero Development Update: Successful Hard-Fork

The privacy focused cryptocurrency, Monero, underwent a successful hard fork on November 30th. Congratulations to the Monero community and the developers that worked hard on this upgrade. Hard-forks of cryptocurrency networks require everyone on the network to upgrade their software in order to stay compatible with the majority of the network. This means Monero  miners,… Read More

Edge & FIO Bitcoin Giveaway!

Edge and FIO have teamed up for a crypto giveaway! You can enter to win $250 in BTC by heading over to and registering for a free FIO address by December 1st (midnight EST). After registering with FIO make sure to link your Edge Wallet to your FIO account for a chance to win. … Read More