Official Announcement on the Status of the Edge Card

Official Announcement on the Edge Card

First and foremost, we want to say thank you for the excitement that we have seen from the community with respect to our card launch yesterday as well as the numerous outlets that have helped to raise awareness of our announcement. We sincerely apologize to any users that have been negatively impacted by the unanticipated […]

Dash Investment Foundation Invests in Edge, Self-Custody Exchange Platform

Dash Investment Foundation Invests in Edge

Edge accelerates its mission to bring DeFi and Web3 connectivity to the masses with the Dash Investment Foundation backing for the company’s current Series A. Dash Investment Foundation, an ownerless, memberless investment fund supporting projects that create a deeper integration of the Dash network with the cryptocurrency ecosystem, participated in an investment round into Airbitz […]

Celebrating International Women’s Day

International Women's Day

This International Women’s Day, we’re highlighting crypto as a liberating tool that promotes privacy, autonomy, and ownership, regardless of gender, race, and creed. Self-custody ownership and the leveraging of decentralized financial services eliminates reliance on and biases imposed by financial intermediaries. Crypto is for everyone. It’s for all races, all politics, all those who are […]

Official Response: Request to Freeze Canadian Edge Users’ Accounts

In the wake of ongoing turmoil taking place in the Canadian capital of Ottawa, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland has requested, via the Emergencies Act, that various financial services companies freeze accounts of those linked to protesters occupying the region, as well as those providing funding to the protests, but not present physically. Regardless of […]

Edge Adds Support for Solana

Solana available in Edge Wallet

In the latest release of Edge, we’ve added support for Solana (SOL).  The integration of the SOL token in Edge comes at a time when the Solana network is enjoying a period of rapid growth, aiming to become a dominant force in the world of DeFi, Web3, and NFTs. What is Solana? Sometimes called “the […]

Send Your Special Someone a Crypto Themed Valentine’s Day Sticker by Edge

We get it…deep down, you might love crypto more than your significant other. Your secret’s safe with us 🤫. But this year, with Valentine’s day themed crypto stickers, we’re making it so you can share your true love with those that you love. Celebrating Galentine’s day and posting it on IG? We’ve got a sticker […]

Edge Adds Support for FIO Staking

FIO Staking in Edge

In the latest release of Edge, we’ve added support for FIO staking, a recently launched option for FIO token holders to participate in the network’s on-chain governance and earn yield.  The integration of FIO staking in Edge marks our next step toward further support of the FIO network, as well as creating an additional interface […]

How long does it take to transfer Bitcoin between wallets?

At Edge, we know there are many reasons why users may want to move Bitcoin between their wallets. It could be spreading their money around to reduce risk, maybe they need to move it to a wallet where they can sell some easily and quickly, or maybe they are moving from a hot wallet to […]

How Do You Sell Bitcoin?

If you are like us here at Edge and you believe that Bitcoin is akin to digital, programmable gold, then you likely want to avoid having to sell it. However, there are times when many users need to make a sale, or times when they want to diversify into other assets, leading to a sale […]

Edge Adds Support for Zcash (ZEC)

Zcash Now Available on Edge

In the latest release of Edge, we’ve added full support for shielded Zcash (ZEC) across both iOS and Android.  The integration of Zcash is a natural step for Edge, given our company’s strong focus on privacy-preservation in everything we build — and the timing is key. In April, Zcash will implement the Halo proving system, […]