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Edge Rolls Out Dynamic Crypto Back Rewards Program

Edge is thrilled to partner with fintech payments and savings platform Ionia to offer users a dynamic crypto back rewards program, with the feature launching this Black Friday.

With the new program, users can earn crypto back on everyday purchases at over 250,000 physical stores and online merchants across the U.S., such as food and entertainment, grocery, apparel, electronics, and much more! Why not earn crypto back rewards on money you already plan to spend?

Spend Greenback, Earn Crypto

This “Shop to Earn” feature enables users to purchase digital gift cards and earn crypto back rewards.*

Each time you enter a total, a gift card will be purchased for that exact amount and delivered to your phone, ready to be used either in physical stores or online. Each gift card earns you instant crypto back that you can use towards future purchases or stack as savings. 

*Available in the U.S., across all 50 states. Unfortunately, U.S, territories are currently not supported. Additional countries are coming soon!


Earn from 0.25% up to 7.6% crypto back — the overall average reward size is 3%.

Crypto back rewards are earned in the user’s choice of supported currencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin and Bitcoin Cash. 

Digital gift cards — no need to stuff your pockets with another piece of plastic! 

Instant delivery — unlike competitor options that can take hours or even days to verify and deliver gift cards, our digital gift cards arrive into your device instantly. 

Gift cards are issued for the exact amount of the purchase.

Instant rewards — crypto back rewards are earned instantly on every single gift card purchase, meaning no waiting time to receive the rewards. 

Unlike some other rewards apps that require a minimum earned rewards balance of $15 to transfer to a user’s wallet, the crypto back rewards program offered by Edge requires a minimum rewards balance of just $1.00 — deposited directly into your Edge account.

You can use the earned rewards towards future purchases of gift cards or stack as savings. 

Users can purchase gift cards on-the-fly using their regular debit and credit cards, or bank account as they shop.

Send gift cards to family and friends while earning crypto rewards! Simply go to “More Options” in the card details, choose “Send a Gift,” and email the card to anyone with an option of adding a custom message. Wouldn’t this make a perfect Christmas or birthday gift?

Ease of Use

To join the crypto back rewards program, simply sign up with an email, connect and verify a payment method. 

After the gift card arrives to your device, the app will give instructions for redemption and will display either a QR code, a barcode, or a number for redemption. 

The “Nearby” search feature allows you to view nearby locations on a map to find restaurants, stores and other merchants where you can earn crypto back rewards.

Speed: thanks to on-chain transactions taking seconds, users can buy gift cards in the exact amount they need while checking out in-store.

Tap “Rewards” to use your credit or debit card to buy gift cards from a vast selection of different merchants.

To access this feature inside of Edge, US based users can tap the top right menu button (three horizontal lines) and will see an option that says “Spend USD -> Earn Crypto”.


Want to know more about how Ionia/Edge crypto back rewards work? Check our FAQ page!

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