A Directory Of Women Led
Projects in
Blockchain & Crypto

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we’re highlighting the projects spearheaded by powerful women in the blockchain & crypto space. Discover our #BreakTheBias campaign video for more.

Want to be included in our directory? Shoot us an email and we’ll add your project to the list! 

Crypto Chicks

NFTs created in May 2021 to celebrate the diverse beauty of all women.

crypto chicks

Crypto Connect

A decentralized crypto network dedicated to sponsoring educational & networking opportunities for the industry. Women-Led, Crypto for All.

crypto connect


Woman-led tiny project started to dream big. Games, NFTs, store, and music.


Curious Addys

Curious Addys’ Trading Club (CATC) is a game designed to make it fun and effortless to learn about NFTs and crypto. Think of it as Duolingo for crypto.

Des Femmes

Des Femmes is a magazine for the badass women thriving at the intersection of tech and finance. It’s a collectors’ item and piece of art.

des femmes

Enzyme Finance

On Chain Asset Management. Fast & cost-effective way to build, scale and monetize investment strategies.

enzyme finance

Eve Wealth

First Wealth DAO helping women learn, earn & invest in a web3 world.

Eve Wealth


Decentralized pools that reward regular saving 🤑



Guapcoin is a Cryptocurrency that promotes spending BLACK. Let your money speak loud and proud. Black Business Adoption is here.

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