Buy gift cards & earn crypto back rewards

With our Shop to Earn feature users can spend their fiat on gift cards in Edge and earn up to 8.5% crypto back this holiday season.

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This feature enables users to purchase digital gift cards across thousands of merchants and earn crypto back rewards in doing so. Each time users enter a total, a gift card will be purchased for that exact amount and delivered it the user’s phone so they can use the gift card in store or online. Each gift card earns you instant crypto back that you can use towards future purchases or stack as savings. You can think of each payment as two steps: 1. Buy a gift card on the spot for the exact amount needed (at an immediate savings to you) 2. Use that to pay the retailer in full to complete your purchase.

You will earn crypto back rewards instantly at the time of purchase. Crypto back reward earnings can be transferred into your wallet once the rewards balance reaches a minimum of $1.00

When you use a gift card, mark it as redeemed to move it out of your active card list. To track partial use, select “Edit Balance” under “More Options” in the card details. This feature is for tracking purposes only. To check the card balance with the retailer, click “Check Balance”.

Yes! Under “More Options” in the card details, choose “Send a Gift”. You can email the card to anyone and include a custom message.

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