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Automatic client-side encryption ensures Ripple keys are always encrypted and protected from malware.


Zero-knowledge encryption of all application data make Edge the #1 most private XRP/Ripple wallet.


Connectivity to multiple public Ripple nodes ensures wallets function even if Edge servers are down.


Transaction tagging, multiple wallets per account make the power users happy.


The familiarity of a username & password hides the complexity of cryptography and synchronization.


Edge Login, plugins, and the Edge SDK connect the mobile wallet to a suite of other blockchain applications.

Incredibly Rich Functionality and Features

  • Support for Ripple Network Destination Tags
  • 100% Non-custodial and user controlled wallet
  • Integrated ShapeShift exchange to convert XRP to/from other currencies
  • Zero-access to user funds or transaction data by Edge or other 3rd parties
  • Fast biometric re-login
  • Simple account creation using just a login & password (no printing of PDFs, writing down pass phrases, or adding encryption settings)
  • Automatic encrypted wallet backup to redundant peer-to-peer cloud servers
  • One-Touch 2-Factor Authentication for the easiest-to-secure wallet in the world
  • Quickly switch accounts with username drop down on login screens
  • Multi-device synchronization across all mobile devices
  • Simple password recovery capability
  • Multiple wallets per account with simple user defined wallet names (ie. “Vacation Fund”)
  • Support for over 140 currency exchange rates
  • Decentralized server architecture. Wallets work even if Edge servers are down.
  • Integration with address book to auto-complete payee name and photo
  • Open-source code. Available on

Many of our users and other crypto-enthusiasts are excited about XRP’s fast confirmation times, high transaction throughput, and potential use in cross-border payments making the existing financial infrastructure more efficient and connected.

Many were stuck holding their XRP with third party custodians or other crude wallet options without the ability to send, receive, and actually interact with the Ripple network in a safe, user friendly way. Edge makes it simple, familiar, and convenient to store and transact XRP alongside almost a dozen other cryptocurrencies. Edge is the first wallet to support XRP with the ability to use ShapeShift to convert it to dozens of other cryptocurrencies. Our XRP wallet also includes full support for XRP’s Destination Tag for compatibility sending XRP to various exchanges.

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