Edge secures your freedom

The Edge team's mission is to provide the world’s most innovative tools and systems for secure and private data

We Secure Data by Empowering You

We believe empowering individuals to take control of their own data will lead to better security everywhere for everyone.

Data security has historically been left to large organizations which act as trusted custodians of valuable information.This model of security has created large “honey pots” of data that make these organizations very attractive targets for hackers and attackers. By exploiting just one vulnerability, malicious actors can gain access to massive amounts of valuable data.

Due to the many failures of trusted custodians, the explosion of sensitive data, and the advent of blockchain technology, data security must happen at the edges of our networks. We are ready to meet this challenge head on.

Once widely deployed, our Edge Security platform will make large scale data breaches a relic of the past and will help propel everyone safely and easily into the emerging networks of the future.

The Genealogy of Edge

Humble Beginnings, Grand Ambitions

Edge’s first product, a bitcoin wallet and business directory, was launched in the winter of 2014, under the company name of “AirBitz” and has been securing millions of dollars worth of bitcoin ever since.
Like many others, Airbitz was inspired by the bitcoin revolution and set out from day one to build tools that kept bitcoin users safe and in control.

The Airbitz Bitcoin Wallet was the first application of a security model we coined as “Edge Security”. By the end of 2015, we had successfully packaged up the tools that make the Airbitz Wallet awesome into a software development kit (SDK) that developers could use for their own applications. Our “Edge Security” SDK has since been integrated into top-tier blockchain projects such as Augur, Wings, and OpenLedger.

Airbitz quickly advanced from a bitcoin wallet in 2014 to a paradigm shifting data security solution and multi-currency wallet in late 2017. Given our company’s evolution and coining of the term, “Edge Security”, we thought it would be best to highlight this focus as the core of our brand. We look forward to the next stage of our company as Edge and invite you to join us on this innovative journey.

The Airbitz Wallet and Business Directory launched, giving users control over their private keys with just a username and password.
Oct 2014 Airbitz Launches Bitcoin Wallet
Airbitz pioneered an easy set up of 2 Factor Authentication that only requires a tap of a button.
Mar 2015 First “One Touch 2FA”
Airbitz security and tools become available to developers and businesses to use in their applications
Mar 2016 Airbitz SDK Released
Other services, companies, projects, or developers can now plug their application to the wallet to enable direct access to users
Oct 2016 Plug-in API Released
Airbitz launched the world's first fully private password recovery of encrypted data.
Oct 2016 Password Recovery
Airbitz launched the world's first and only Single-Sign-On for decentralized applications.
Oct 2016 Edge Login Launched
Edge wallet expands the capability of Airbitz to enable multi-currency support and in-app exchange.
Oct 2017 "Airbitz" becomes "Edge"

The Team behind Edge Wallet + Edge Security

Paul Puey | CEO, Co-Founder
William Swanson | Chief Architect, Co-Founder

Guided by principles, led by values

We focus on these values to deliver the highest quality experience and security for our users and the community


Edge core value #1: INNOVATION

Cutting edge technology and offerings that make life significantly easier for users

  • The Edge team (then Airbitz) invented the use of Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) for bitcoin transactions
  • The Edge team (then Airbitz) developed the first password recovery of encrypted data
  • Pioneered an easy set up of 2 Factor Authentication that only requires a tap of a button.

Edge core value #2: EMPOWERMENT

Freeing people from the need to rely either solely on themselves or a 3rd party—independence, but with support when you need it.

  • The Edge wallet automatically encrypts and backs up user data, without needing any private information or having access or control over any of the user’s money
  • The Edge wallet connects users to top-tier blockchain networks and services
  • We support you when you need help with the best customer support in the industry

Edge core value #3: COMMUNITY

Open source, open door, open mind. Collaboration helps build better products and a better ecosystem.

  • Our code is open source, viewable and auditable by anyone
  • We host an active Cryptocurrency Meetup at our offices in San Diego
  • We have an open Slack channel that we regularly post updates in, help users, and discuss the latest developments in cryptocurrency, blockchains, and data security