Airbitz Invents First ‘One-Touch 2-Factor Authentication’ for Mobile Wallet

Airbitz has developed a way to make two-factor authentication (2FA) “dirt simple” for everyone. The mobile wallet provider has invented a one-step process that merges the functionality of an app like Google Authenticator directly into their Bitcoin wallet. CEO Paul Puey told CoinTelegraph: “We believe even the slightly technical people will understand the benefits of […]

Airbitz launches One-Touch 2-Factor Authentication bitcoin wallet

San Diego based Airbitz announced today the launch of its “One-Touch 2-Factor Authentication” to their mobile Bitcoin wallet for iPhone and Android devices. Airbitz provides a Bitcoin wallet that is decentralized, secure and backed up for its user’s financial autonomy and privacy. CeBIT 2015 Technology Trade Fair Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images The security of […]

Introducing the World’s First One-Touch 2 Factor Authentication At Airbitz, we have always wanted to add 2-factor authentication to our wallet but have always been unsatisfied by the complicated process required to enable it, utilize it, and back it up. Most apps utilize a second application such as Google Authenticator and have to transfer a seed from app to Google Authenticator to […]