Women X Web3

Thank you to the sponsor of this event, BitRefill. Live on crypto. Buy gift cards with your Bitcoin! Give BitRefill a try in Edge today! Learn more at https://www.bitrefill.com/ Edge […]

Beyond NFTs: Phygital, Dynamic & The Metaverse

With the rise of NFTs and creative use cases emerging, digital assets are getting a facelift. Whether it’s physical items representing on-chain assets, NFTs that change over time or with […]

June BoB – Blockdaemon and Bitlectro Labs

Are you looking to make connections in the Blockchain space? This meetup is perfect for you. Join us in person or on our live stream on the Edge Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/Edgewallet […]

Building a Simple Ethereum Wallet from Scratch

Hello builders! For this presentation, we’ll be diving into a foundational component of the Ethereum ecosystem and blockchain technology: wallets! Bring your laptop and a friend to follow along with […]

May the 4th – Ember Fund & Craypay

Calling all Bitcoin & Crypto Lovers, May the 4th be with you. Got an action-packed lineup with key industry leaders who are building their own Empires, while keeping that Rebel […]

Bitcoin 2022

Bitcoin 2022

Catch the Edge staff at Bitcoin 2022 in Miami, Florida this year at booth #1132. Have a question or interested in a partnership with Edge? Then look no further as […]