Edge (DeFi UX and Adoption) and Casa (Bitcoin Security)

Join us for a fun filled evening discussing Bitcoin inheritance, Defi lending, security and so much more! Andrew Yang is the head of Client Services at Casa, the most secure wallet for your Bitcoin. He runs BitDevsLA, a bitcoin-focused meetup that has been running for the past two years and has previously worked at River […]

POAP Crawl 2022

Join us for the first-ever POAP (Pub) Crawl in North Park, San Diego – an event of maximum fun where you will visit 4 bars in North Park, collecting a site-specific POAP at each bar. This event is a collaboration between a handful of the Web3 meetup groups in San Diego @SDNFTFriends, @ETH SD, @CryptoHeadz, and Bitcoin & Open […]

Building a Simple Ethereum Wallet from Scratch Pt. 2

​GM Builders! ​This will be part 2 of the Build a Simple Ethereum Wallet from Scratch series. You can find part 1 through this link: https://lu.ma/build-a-wallet. ​For this presentation, we’ll be covering HD wallets (BIP32), Mnemonic/seed phrase (BIP39), and lightly touch on multipurpose/multi-currency (BIP43/44). ​For this event, there will be a soft requirement to hold an […]

June BoB – Blockdaemon and Bitlectro Labs

Are you looking to make connections in the Blockchain space? This meetup is perfect for you. Join us in person or on our live stream on the Edge Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/Edgewallet Joelly Gloria is a digital storyteller who specializes in Content Strategy, Branding, Analytics, User Experience, and Strategy. She has diverse experience in Luxury Retail, Tech, […]

Building a Simple Ethereum Wallet from Scratch

Hello builders! For this presentation, we’ll be diving into a foundational component of the Ethereum ecosystem and blockchain technology: wallets! Bring your laptop and a friend to follow along with the ETH SD team in building a simple Ethereum wallet from scratch. If you have questions on wallets ahead of time, send us a DM […]

May the 4th – Ember Fund & Craypay

Calling all Bitcoin & Crypto Lovers, May the 4th be with you. Got an action-packed lineup with key industry leaders who are building their own Empires, while keeping that Rebel mentality. 🚀 Ember Fund:Alex was previously a lead product manager at GumGum. He worked on the core internal tool that launched GumGum Sports (Now Relo), […]

Advanced DeFi: Delta Neutral Yield Farming on Avalanche and Solana

Bo Li studied computer science and computational finance at Carnegie Mellon. He has worked for the past 7 years as a backend developer at a couple early stage database / data analytics startups. After discovering DeFi around March 2021, he began looking into protocols and applications with a focus on stablecoins. After months of research […]

March Bitcoin Open Blockchain – Natalie Brunell & NFTY Labs

March BOB - NFTY Labs

Natalie Brunell is a podcast host, educator, and media commentator in the Bitcoin space. Her popular show, Coin Stories, features interviews with Bitcoin thought leaders about their backgrounds and conviction for BTC. She is also a video contributor to Bitcoin Magazine. Previously, Natalie was an award-winning TV journalist and investigative reporter. For the last 10 […]