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Building a Simple Ethereum Wallet from Scratch Pt. 2


6:00pm - 9:00pm

About the Event

​GM Builders!

​This will be part 2 of the Build a Simple Ethereum Wallet from Scratch series. You can find part 1 through this link: https://lu.ma/build-a-wallet.

​For this presentation, we’ll be covering HD wallets (BIP32), Mnemonic/seed phrase (BIP39), and lightly touch on multipurpose/multi-currency (BIP43/44).

​For this event, there will be a soft requirement to hold an ETH SD 101.xyz NFT, which can be earned by completing the quiz from part 1 here: https://101.xyz/course/cl2y7avcj088909l3inyr481k.

To learn more about how we’re using 101.xyz, check out this tweet thread: https://twitter.com/EthSanDiego/status/1523760700820131841.

​Additionally you can see all of the already minted badges here: https://opensea.io/assets/101-badges?search[stringTraits][0][name]=Course%20Name&search[stringTraits][0][values][0]=Building%20a%20Simple%20Ethereum%20Wallet%20from%20Scratch%20Quiz&search[sortAscending]=true&search[sortBy]=PRICE

​​Bring your laptop and a friend to follow along with the ETH SD team in building a simple Ethereum wallet from scratch. If you have questions on wallets ahead of time, send us a DM on Twitter or reach out on our Discord server.

​​Thanks to our great community, we have the best possible place in SD to host a talk on crypto wallets: the Edge office at 1495 Pacific Hwy #300, San Diego, CA! The event will take place from 6 pm to 9 pm PDT.

​​Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

​​- the ETH SD team

📺 The talk will be live-streamed on the Edge youtube channel

🚗 There is limited street parking around our venue as well as paid public parking at 950 W Ash st. as well as the Little Italy Parking Garage located on 715 W Cedar St.

🐥 Follow Edge on Twitter: @EdgeWallet

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Meet the Hosts

ETH SD is dedicated to creating a diverse community of web3 engineers, creatives, and builders in San Diego

Visit linktr.ee/ethsd for more info

For more on ETH SD visit: withkoji.com/@ethsd

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Virtual Location


1495 Pacific Hwy, Suite 300
San Diego, CA 92101


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