Celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day with Edge & Crypto Wendy O!

Venice Beach


12:00pm - 2:00pm

About the Event

Do YOU like free things? How about pizza? If you answered no to either question, that’s pretty strange tbh.

Since we all like free things and we all like pizza (except our keto and lactose friends, sorry 😢) we’ve got the perfect event for everyone. Drop by Venice Beach on Sunday, May 22nd and help us celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day as we hand out free slices and free bitcoin! All you’ll need to do is show us your Eventbrite ticket and the pizza + bitcoin is yours.

Not sure what Bitcoin Pizza Day is? Give this link a click and you’ll be caught up to speed. TL;DR: once upon a time a Florida man spent 10,000 bitcoin (you read that right) on a pizza – it’s recognized as the first time bitcoin was used to make a purchase, and is now considered a holiday in cryptoland.

You’re probably wondering, is there a catch? Are they going to try and sell me something or tell me that Dogecoin is the future and I just don’t get it? No…none of that, just some slices of pizza and some people who appreciate bitcoin.

Drop by, grab some grub, hangout with Edge staff and Crypto Wendy O and talk bitcoin if you’re about it!

This event is brought to you by Edge, a self-custody crypto platform that allows you to buy, sell, and trade digital assets under your control.

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Meet the Hosts

Hosted by Edge staff & Crypto Wendy O

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Sorry to break the news, but this event has passed. The good news is, you can sign up to receive notifications for future events!


Virtual Location


1501 Ocean Front Walk
Los Angeles, CA 90219


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