ETH SD x Polygon Guild Kickoff


6:30pm - 8:00pm

About the Event

ETH SD is proud to announce we’re a Polygon Guild!

​Polygon Guilds are partnerships between Polygon and upcoming Ethereum communities just like ours. As the first one on the West Coast, we hope to continue to build out the Ethereum and Polygon ecosystems as we grow.

Keeping up with the Polygon ecosystem is not an easy task; between an international community that never sleeps and a booming marketplace of new innovations, content creators can easily miss out on all that happens within web3 – which is why ETH SD has decided to launch a Polygon Guild of our own. For those of you interested in learning, building, and contributing to Polygon, don’t miss out on this exciting overview of the ecosystem!

​For this event, ETH SD founder gmchad will be welcoming Krak, Developer Relations Engineer and Head of Polygon for Chainstack, for a fireside discussion on Polygon Guilds, Chainstack, and more!

There is limited street parking around the Edge office as well as paid public parking at 950 W Ash St. as well as the Little Italy Parking Garage located on 715 W Cedar St. We recommend arriving early or taking a rideshare service, as parking in downtown can be a bit hard to find.

Livestream link:

​See you there, SD!

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Virtual Location


1495 Pacific Highway Ste 300
San Diego, CA 92103

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