As the services once limited to home computers transfer to our mobile devices, security is still just as serious an issue. Recently, it was announced that Android users could be vulnerable to the Chrome Zero-Day Exploit which according to Hacker News, “allows an attacker to gain full administrative access to the victim’s phone and works on every version of Android OS.” When administrative access is gained, the hacker can control your phone remotely. Yikes.

Malicious code is installed on Android devices by tricking someone into visiting a fake site through the Chrome browser. While Google has reportedly been alerted to the bug, in the meantime you may want to install a different browser on your phone.

Here are some alternative browsers that work just as well as Google Chrome you may consider switching to:

There are many other great browsers for Android and these are just a few that could be useful until the Chrome Zero Day Exploit is patched. Tell us about your favorite browsers for Android in the comments below.