Airbitz is always happy to support good causes. This month, The World’s Greatest Shave is raising money for leukemia research and our friend Adam Poulton of Tasmania is helping them raise funds in bitcoin. We wanted to spread the word about bitcoin while helping Adam raise money and have devised a way to pay people for simply sending a tweet. The process works like this:

  1. Follow Airbitz on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit to find our special links leading to Airbitz Keys containing small amounts of FREE bitcoin.
  2. When you click the link, you will be prompted to download the app if you haven’t already or you will have the option to open your Airbitz app.
  3. The funds in the Airbitz Key will be automatically deposited into your wallet and you will be asked to send a pre-loaded tweet to spread awareness for Adam’s leukemia fundraiser — be fast these Keys will go quick!
  4. When you send this special tweet we’ll see it and for every Airbitz Key that’s imported and tweeted, we’ll send a donation of $10/BTC to The World’s Greatest Shave.

That’s it! No additional work on your part needed outside a couple clicks. Get paid to do good and feel good too. Let’s show the world how bitcoin can help fund leukemia research.