Mad Realities

mad realities

Interactive TV that is created, participated, cast, + decided by you 📺. Powered by crypto.

Crypto Babes

crypto babes

This is a community for women who are looking to grow, learn and earn in Crypto!



Investment education community w/ an edge in digital assets. Build financial intelligence, grow wealth & do good.

Women in Blockchain

Women in Blockchain

On a mission to increase diversity in the crypto industry through education and community building 🌟

Web3 Baddies

web3 baddies

welcome to the hot girl metaverse 🔥 a place for the girlies, gays, enbies, POC, & baddies in web3 ✨



TryCrypto Collective 🌈 is an inclusive community of builders on a mission to make crypto more accessible to mainstream users through decentralized products.



A female-led organization focused on educating and securing women’s place in Web3.

Ladies in Bitcoin

ladies in bitcoin

Our mission is to make the bitcoin community more diverse and inclusive by helping women and non-binary folk learn about bitcoin.

Crypto Connect

crypto connect

A decentralized crypto network dedicated to sponsoring educational & networking opportunities for the industry. Women-Led, Crypto for All.

Crypto Besties

crypto besties

Our goal is to be the first makeup collective in the metaverse, starting with a makeup line that you create. Welcome to makeup by you, for you. retargeting pixel Skip to content