Preparing for the Ethereum Merge

TLDR: Edge is ready for the quickly approaching Ethereum Merge, there’s nothing that users need to do in preparation. Your funds are safe. As a safety measure, we recommend not sending ETH transactions up to a few hours before The Merge, and we recommend waiting to do so until after The Merge is completed. The […]

EIP 961: An Upgrade for Adding ERC-20 Tokens

The ability for users to add custom ERC-20 tokens into Edge has been a feature that is much desired within our community, and was strongly prioritzed internally upon launching the application. Unfortunately, the current process of adding a custom ERC-20 token into a wallet can be intimidating — with many users fearing they may have made a […]

Support Update: LTC and BCH Address Formats

Within the Edge wallet, we’ve rolled out with the most recent address format updates available on the market. Two currencies which are being directly impacted by these updates are both Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. On occassion, Edge users have encountered an issue when trying to send funds into and out of their Edge wallets. This […]