Airbitz v2.3.0 with Edge Login and Equity Crowdfunding Update

We are happy to announce our latest update to the Airbitz Wallet! We’ve included many improvements and fixes but the headline of v 2.3.0 is undoubtedly Edge Login which will serve as your zero knowledge Single Sign On to various blockchain applications. One Airbitz account, controlled by you and no one else, will give you private, secure, and easy access to the decentralized apps of today and those of tomorrow. And tomorrow is here with the advent of Edge Login. This is the world’s first private and secure Single Sign On that does away with manual and error prone backup and handling of cryptographic keys, making you the center of your own unique multi-chain world. This will allow creators to create, technologists to innovate, and everyone to transact with peace of mind.

To try out Edge Login, head over to (our test version of the Augur app), then click “Sign Up” in the upper right corner of your screen. Scan the barcode with your updated Airbitz Wallet and experience the magic of Edge Login and the simplicity of securing blockchain applications.

Introducing Edge Login

Other Improvements in v 2.3.0 :

  • Improved libbitcoin/electrum server selection by using most responsive and lowest latency servers
  • Fix iOS 10 UI issues
  • Fix iOS 10 crash on accounts with lots of wallets
  • Improve Scrypt parameter calculations for stronger security on faster devices
  • Improve mining fee calculations to allow for lower fees under “Low” settings

On Monday we launched the first ever, US equity crowdfunding campaign accepting bitcoin on This is NOT an ICO. This is NOT a Kickstarter campaign where we just give out a mug and t-shirt. This is true equity ownership in our company, Airbitz.

The WeFunder campaign has been live for two full days, and our offering on (for accredited investors) has been live for just a little more than a day, and already we have raised almost $200,000. In just two days!

Our campaign on WeFunder grew even stronger on day two raising $45,000 vs $30,000 on day one!!

THANK YOU to all of you who support us. We are honored to have you with us and committed to realizing a secure, decentralized future for us all.

Interested in contributing to own actual equity (shares) in Airbitz?

Click Here to Fund the Future of Blockchain Security

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