Blockfreight Partners with Airbitz

We are excited to announce our partnership with Blockfreight™, a company based out of Victoria, Australia that will be bringing blockchain solutions to global freight. Blockfreight™ is an open network blockchain allowing stakeholders to have access to an advanced global ledger which solves the inefficiency and variability in the data of each and every movement of container freight.

“We are excited to include the balance of ease of use & security that the Airbitz Security model affords,” said Julian Smith, Co-founder and CEO of Blockfreight™.

Blockfreight™ will be implementing Airbitz Edge Security within the Blockfreight™ mobile app to be released in late 2017. The objective is to provide users with a secure credentials management framework as well as an effective user experience when interacting with the Blockfreight™ network from a mobile device.

“Our company plans to continue development, initiate commercial pilots throughout the first half of this year, and release the Edge Secure mobile app in late 2017,” said Julian Smith, Co-founder and CEO of Blockfreight™.

We at Airbitz are excited to add yet another partner to our Edge Security ecosystem and look forward to Blockfreight™ optimizing global trade, leading us further into a multi-blockchain world.

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