Buy Bitcoin in India with Edge

The latest release of Edge features a new exchange option for our Indian users, expanding our coverage as a global self-custody exchange. We’ve had fiat exchange support for our Indian users for a few years now through credit & debit cards, as well as Apple Pay, but with the addition of our new partner, Transak, Indian users can now buy crypto-assets through their Indian bank account! 

We’ve wanted this type of integration for some time now but due to the previous actions of the Reserve Bank of India, we had to put this goal on hold. In April 2018, the Indian central bank barred banks and other financial institutions from partnering with or participating in “any service in relation to virtual currencies”.

However, in early March of this year India’s Supreme Court overturned the Reserve Bank’s virtual currency restrictions. This is a huge win for Indian entrepreneurs and Indian users who want the same freedom to innovate and experiment that citizens of other countries have enjoyed. 

If you’re an Edge user with an Indian bank account give Transak a go and give us feedback, good or bad, on the process!

This release also includes some technical goodies. 

We’ve added a “Transfer” button, at the bottom of the send scene, so users can seamlessly transfer funds between different wallets in their Edge account. Before, users had to copy and paste addresses to transfer funds between wallets. We know our users often like to consolidate wallets, so we created a simpler user experience to do so. 

We’ve also added, with help from the FIO team, more FIO functionality.

Users can now connect custom ERC-20 tokens to their FIO addresses. A custom ERC-20 token is an asset we don’t support by default, but one the user is able to add manually to their Ethereum wallet. 

In addition, we’ve added support for FIO “OBT” data. OBT (Other Blockchain Transactions) data is information that FIO stores on its blockchain regarding transactions executed on another blockchain. For example, if brett@edge is sending 1 BTC to paul@edge, a transaction on the FIO blockchain will be created to reflect that event. The following information will be stored and retrieved by the recipient of the transaction:

  • Sender
  • Receiver
  • Blockchain name
  • Currency name
  • User generated memo

Note that all of the above information is fully encrypted and only readable by the sender and recipient.

And lastly, we’ve added a new FIO address modal that incorporates autocomplete, making the user experience even smoother. Once you’ve interacted with a FIO address, your Edge account will remember and autocomplete it the next time you need to enter a FIO address.


v1.13.0 Release Notes:

  • Add buy support in India with new partner Transak
  • New Transfer button to easily transfer funds between wallets
  • FIO Updates
    •  OBT data support
    •   Custom ERC20 token support
    •   New address modal with autocomplete FIO addresses
  • – App update notification
  • – Bug fixes and enhancements retargeting pixel Skip to content