Edge Integrates Coreum’s Superledger: IBC compatibility, Staking, XRPL connectivity and ISO 20022 Compliance


Our latest release includes support for Coreum’s Superledger, a Layer-1 blockchain built on the CosmosSDK. In addition to this, we’ve also added support for staking,IBC swaps, and Wallet Connect, meaning that users can send, receive, trade, earn yield on Coreum as well as connect to Coreum dapps. This significant update broadens the horizons for Edge users, enabling seamless interaction on the Coreum chain, propelling users into the realm of Inter Blockchain Communication (IBC), XRPL connectivity, and ISO 20022 Compliance.

What is Coreum?

Coreum is the world’s first Superledger, a groundbreaking layer-1 built on the Cosmos SDK using programmable Smart Tokens. Coreum was built as an architectural solution for enterprises of all sizes, making it the world’s first Superledger capable of onboarding institutions with minimal development uplift and built-in compatibility with regulatory frameworks and standards such as ISO 20022.

Key Features of Coreum’s Superledger:

Modularity and Speed: Coreum’s Superledger is modular in design, ensuring flexibility and scalability for enterprises. With a staggering speed of 7,000 transactions per second, it surpasses the performance, in this regard, of many traditional blockchains.

ISO 20022 Compliance: The Superledger adheres to ISO 20022 messaging standards, ensuring seamless integration with existing financial systems, and instilling trust and confidence among stakeholders. Coreum’s vision is that compliance is a crucial factor for enterprise adoption, facilitating smooth transactions within established frameworks. Check out Coreum’s ISO 20022 Simulator

IBC Compatibility: With IBC compatibility, Coreum is compatible with more than 100 other chains, allowing Edge users to engage in cross-chain exchanges between supported blockchains. This functionality expands the scope of possibilities for decentralized applications and DeFi capabilities.

XRPL Connectivity: Coreum’s XRP Ledger (XRPL) connectivity enhances interoperability, enabling users to leverage the advantages of both chains.

Smart Tokens: Coreum’s flagship development innovation relies on Smart Tokens – programmable native tokens capable of executing complex business logic autonomously, bypassing the need for intricate smart contracts. They are designed to be versatile, supporting various functions like token burning, freezing, and whitelisting. This adaptability makes them ideal for a broad spectrum of tokenization scenarios.

One of the key advantages of Smart Tokens is their predictable behavior regarding execution time, fees, and responses. This predictability ensures that applications built on Coreum are stable, reliable, and secure.

How do I enable Coreum on Edge? 

  1. After signing in to Edge, tap on the plus sign to add a new wallet
  2. Search for and select Coreum as the wallet to add
  3. Optionally adjust the fiat currency denomination and name of the wallet and tap “Create Wallets”

To enable Coreum tokens, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the plus sign to add a new wallet
  2. Search for your token of choice and enable the asset for the Coreum chain

Features Of Coreum on Edge

  • Send & Receive
  • Stake
  • IBC Swap
  • Wallet Connect

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With the addition of these Coreum features, Edge users can now hold a new cryptocurrency in their portfolios. Beyond simple sending and receiving of the asset, Edge users can earn yield via staking and swap into and out of Coreum as needed. 

Giving users a one-stop-shop for buying, selling, sending, receiving all inside of a self-custody app is what we aim to provide. With the addition of Coreum, we’ve made this vision more accessible to a new community of hodlers. If you have any questions on using Coreum in Edge, please reach out to our support team at support@edge.app and sign up for our newsletter below to stay up to date with new developments. 

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