Edge Adds Support for Liberland Blockchain


Liberland Blockchain is now live in Edge, enabling users to send, receive, and trade the native assets of the network. The Liberland blockchain is designed to handle all of the country’s services provided to its citizens and e-Residents.

Liberland’s native coin, the Liberland Dollar (LLD), and its citizenship and voting currency, the Liberland Merit (LLM), are both supported alongside the blockchain.

What are LLD and LLM?

The Liberland Dollar (LLD) is the Liberland Blockchain’s native coin used to pay transaction fees, run contracts, operate companies, adjudicate a variety of legal issues through both public and private courts, write traditional written contracts to the blockchain, incorporate real-world oracles, and more. Built on the robust Parity Substrate framework that powers Polkadot and its parachains, Liberland Blockchain is designed for quick and secure transactions. It offers a transparent and efficient way to engage in economic and governance activities within Liberland.

The Liberland Merit (LLM) is the political token of Liberland, awarded for contributions to the nation’s development, staked and pooled in order to claim citizenship, and used to vote in elections and referenda. Citizens can also use LLM to participate in “citizen headcount vetos” of passed legislation.

A Step Towards Financial Freedom

Adding LLD and LLM to Edge marks a milestone for Liberland and its mission to provide a haven for individuals who value freedom and individual rights. Using Edge, managing your Liberland digital assets has never been easier or more secure.

Liberland citizens and supporters can download Edge today and start enjoying easy access to LLD and LLM. Using Edge is a great way to separate the LLD and LLM you’re using day-to-day from the LLD and LLM you’re using for PolitiPooling, operating your business, etc. 

How do I enable Liberland Blockchain on Edge?

See the basic wallet creation guide for how to add new assets in Edge. For adding LLM and LLM in particular, follow these steps:

  1. After signing in to Edge, tap on the + symbol to create a Liberland wallet
  2. Search for “Liberland Dollar (LLD)” and “Liberland Merit (LLM),” and enable them
  3. With your Liberland coins successfully added to Edge, you can now send, receive, and manage your LLD and LLM with ease.

A Liberland Blockchain wallet requires a minimum 1 LLD balance in order to be active.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact our support by email at support@edge.app

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