Edge Development Update

In this release we’ve expanded exchange capabilities in Europe, re-designed our interface, and included Multi-Collateral Dai to the ERC-20 tokens we support by default. 

Our exchange partner, Safello, has only supported the buying of crypto-assets in Edge but in this release has enabled sell for Edge users who want to cash out of their crypto-assets into fiat. But that’s not all, Safello also added exchange support for the country of Denmark and added an additional payment method for Sweden called Bankgirot giving our Swedish users 5 different exchange options to choose from.

On the other side of the North Sea, users in the UK can now convert British Pounds (GBP) into BTC and ETH within minutes through our exchange partner, Banxa. The quick conversion is made possible by the use of the popular UK payment network, Faster Payments, which confirms bank transfers in seconds. This allows Banxa to fill buy orders for our users in the UK faster than most bank transfer options around the world which typically take a few days. 

The Edge application was redesigned with fresh updates to the main wallet list screen and the individual wallet screens with their transaction histories. Users should be happy with the cleaner user interface with more of the information you care about. 

We also updated our supported ERC-20 token list to reflect the renaming of Single-Collateral Dai from Dai to Sai as well as added support for the new Multi-Collateral Dai which has now subsumed the name Dai.

If you have any questions about the new release or anything else don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team at support@edge.app. 

1.11.0 Release Notes:

  • Redesign of Wallet List and Transaction History screens
  • Sell enabled for Safello
  • Safello – Denmark support added
  • Safello – Bankgirot payment method added for Sweden
  • Banxa – UK support added using Faster Payments
  • Support for Multi-Collateral DAI and Single-Collateral SAI
  • Improved 2FA background notifications
  • Other minor fixes
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