Indorse teams up with Edge

Edge is partnering with Indorse, a decentralized professional network, to increase the usability and security of the Indorse user experience.

Indorse is an ethereum based professional network aiming to reward users for their contributions to the indorse network instead of the current web based networks that offer no compensation or monetary incentives for user contributions. Indorse will leverage our Edge Security SDK which is equipped with the tools Indorse needs to make their user experience enjoyable, safe, and private. Users of the Indorse platform will be able to sign in by creating a familiar username/password combo that will automatically client-side encrypt and backup their private keys with no additional steps from the users. All of this happens with a zero-knowledge architecture so that neither, Edge or Indorse has any access to user’s keys or private information.

“Edge has a battle tested wallet and security platform that we are excited to utilize. Edge allows users to easily log into the Indorse platform while simultaneously being a secure key management solution. As a partner on the Edge platform, all the users of the wallet will be able to quickly become members of Indorse, and start putting their professional profiles on the blockchain.”- David Moskowitz CEO, Indorse

Indorse joins the growing list of premier blockchain applications utilizing. Edge Security including Augur, the decentralized prediction market,, a platform to create and manage DAOs, and OpenLedger a decentralized asset exchange. Edge is excited to continue building a Single-Sign-On ecosystem of blockchain applications for users to interact with safely and privately. retargeting pixel Skip to content