Looking Back on 2018 & Looking Forward to 2019

If you only consumed mainstream media narratives about crypto-assets the last quarter of 2018, you would have thought the world was ending for everyone involved. Operating a business and technology platform for the last five years within the ecosystem tells a different story. Projects are maturing, more businesses and projects are forming, companies are diversifying their offerings, new users are being on-boarded, and hierarchies are always shuffling. From our perspective as a wallet and interface to these emerging networks, it’s been another year of building, growing, and helping users. 2018 was another great year and the first full year for us as “Edge”. The rebrand from Airbitz has been extremely successful and we’re looking forward to Edge becoming a globally recognized brand.

Technical Highlights

A lot of functionality was ported over to Edge that had existed previously in our first mobile wallet, Airbitz. It took some time in 2018 to move all the nuts and bolts over and increase the performance and functionality of Edge. We were also able to onboard some unique blockchains that most non-custodial wallets can’t support. Many of these are unique blockchains and not just forks or clones of Bitcoin. They are quite different, highlighting our platform’s modular architecture and our ability to work with completely different crypto-networks. Assets like Monero (XMR), Ripple (XRP), and Stellar (XLM) were added this year making Edge a unique mobile option for users all over the world.

We also on-boarded three crypto-to-crypto exchanges, Shapeshift, Changelly and ChangeNow, with more to come in 2019. With these integrations, we introduced the world’s first and only non-custodial price hunting exchange. Edge can now hunt for the the best price for a user’s particular swap across all our exchange partners. Swapping one crypto-asset for another has never been easier or cheaper on mobile.


Our Edge SDK partner app, Augur, had a successful launch on the Ethereum mainnet this year and has seen a flurry of activity: markets being created, users putting money on the line, and markets closing. Edge is proud of how much progress has been made since Augur was proposed as an idea just a few years ago. As of this writing Augur has about 1700 markets opened with over $2 million USD (13,400 ETH) committed to those markets. Hundreds of thousands of users can now easily create and secure a new Augur account using Edge with a simple barcode scan.

We also on-boarded some new partners including Anthem Gold/Herc, Ember Fund and Hilt Ventures who are leveraging the Edge SDK for their own products and services.

Because of our rich functionality, high modularity, and considerable experience securing data and crypto-assets, projects and businesses continue to take advantage of our expertise and tools.

Looking Forward: 2019

We have three definitive goals this year: integrate as many fiat on and off ramps as possible, improve the performance of our technology, and innovate on even more secure solutions for crypto-assets.

As exchange options all around the world continue to mature, we look forward to more people in more jurisdictions being able to get in and out of fiat as easily as possible with the Edge Wallet. We aim to be a globally recognized brand for not just holding and transacting cryptocurrency, but also to buy and sell using our global partners tightly integrated within Edge for a smooth and seamless experience.

We will continue to add high demand digital assets to Edge at a similar pace we did in 2018. As the selection and use of crypto-assets increase, so does the computing demand on a user’s mobile device. Edge has several performance improvements in the pipeline to ensure users can hold and frequently transact multiple assets with a smooth user experience, while still providing the non-custodial, client-side model that we’ve insisted on since Airbitz.

Throughout 2019 we will continue to innovate and harden the “Edge Security” model that we pioneered. We plan on introducing vault caliber solutions that don’t compromise on the ease and simplicity that we demand for private key management.

2019 promises to be an exciting year for Edge and our loyal Edge users. Stay tuned and if you haven’t tried out the app yet, download it on iOS or Android today so you don’t miss out on these awesome future developments.

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