Our Latest Release: Airbitz v2.3.3 w/ Android Fingerprint Support

The newest version of Airbitz is out. We made some key enhancements and bug fixes, and we’re laying the groundwork for some major features and partnership announcements upcoming. Android users will especially appreciate this new version, with Fingerprint Login support that’s amazingly fast. Check out the video below to see what we mean.


If your Android phone supports Fingerprint Login, go to Google Play and try it out today

What else is new in v2.3.3?

  • Fixed rare issue with PIN login error
  • Fingerprint Login on supported devices such as Nexus 5x and 6p
  • Support for Edge Login from URI button on mobile
  • Added WhatsApp forum to support links

Let us know what you think in any of our community chatrooms:




? Fundraising Update ?

Our equity crowdfunding campaign has raised over $610,000 and is open to everyone through Dec 10th.

Click Here to Fund the Future of Blockchain Security

This is NOT an ICO. This is NOT a Kickstarter campaign where we just give out a mug and t-shirt. This is true equity ownership in our company, Airbitz.

To all of you who support us, we are honored to have you with us and committed to realizing a secure, decentralized future for us all. THANK YOU

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