The Airbitz Wallet Integrates Bity!

Our latest release, v 2.4.1, is now out in iOS and Android! This release includes an integration with Bity, an exchange out of Switzerland, that will enable Airbitz users to buy/sell bitcoin with Euros and Swiss Francs. Users will need a European bank account similar to how users need a US bank account to buy and sell bitcoin through our in-app partner, Glidera.

This release now allows Airbitz users not only to buy bitcoin with Euros and Swiss Francs but because of our previous partnership with Glidera, Airbitz can also be used as a remittance application by those who hold European and US bank accounts between themselves, their friends, or family. An Airbitz user can now buy bitcoin with their Euros or Swiss Francs through Bity, then send those bitcoins to family or to a friend in the United States and that person can quickly sell the bitcoin for dollars through Glidera. A remittance transfer from Europe to the United States and vice versa can be done quickly, CHEAPLY, securely, and privately all within the Airbitz wallet without us ever having access to your money or information. This is truly a very powerful concept and practical use case of the Airbitz wallet.

This is just the beginning of our wallet’s capabilities. Airbitz is laser focused on making bitcoin very real, usable, and practical for billions of users all over the globe. We will be expanding our buy/sell plug-ins for more currencies and geographies over-time depending on market demand and resources.

Also, as of this version, the Airbitz mobile wallet allows advanced users to specify their own list of Electrum nodes to connect to which could be running on any bitcoind compatible implementation such as Bitcoin Core, Bitcoin Unlimited, or Bitcoin Classic. Users have created strong ties to various proposed protocol solutions and prefer to support them with their choice of software implementation. We want to help users support their choice of software and this latest release will help users do just that. Click here to learn how to set up your choice of nodes!

v 2.4.1 Release Notes

  • Bity Integration: Buy/sell bitcoin with Euros and Swiss Francs
  • Password throttling
  • Users can now choose bitcoin nodes they want to connect to
  • Password spending limit removes PIN based password reset retargeting pixel Skip to content