WageCan teams up with Edge

Edge(formerly Airbitz) is proud to announce a partnership with WageCan, a company based out of Asia that aims to bridge the gap between blockchain assets and their use in everyday transactions.

WageCan will soon be another plugin inside our legacy bitcoin wallet “Airbitz”. The WageCan plug-in will allow users to purchase a prepaid card with a dedicated address for their blockchain assets. The card allows users to spend their blockchain assets and withdraw cash at ATM’s all over the world just as they would with a debit card linked to a bank account. Users will also be able to receive cryptocurrency payments to the address linked to their card and some may be able to qualify for a card with no spending limits.

“The Edge Team has created the most advanced, secure, and easy to use wallet app for crypto holders and users. We are extremely happy to integrate our service with such a great product and team. Airbitz users and later, Edge users, can order and use their WageCan Card to spend their crypto-assets all over the world” — Franky Hu CEO, WageCan

WageCan will also be integrated into our Edge Wallet which is in beta and will be released in app stores when its deemed production ready by our engineers.

Click here to get your invite for the beta release of Edge!

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