Alternative Ways to Buy Bitcoin

We encourage users to try our in-app buy/sell feature but since this feature isn’t available in all states or some people want same day services here are some places we recommend.

Buying bitcoin with cash: Bitcoin ATMs,, LibertyX, and Paxful. Paxful allows you to buy with multiple payment methods including trading gift cards for bitcoin. When you use theses services you will tend to pay a higher fee for the convenience of receiving the bitcoin on the same day of purchase. For a handy how-to on buying from Bitcoin ATMs check out this resource:

You can also check if there are local Bitcoin Meetups in your area. Oftentimes, the attendees are seasoned bitcoiners and may have some to sell.

For those looking to lock in buy and sell prices for trading, try Glidera, Clevercoin, Coinbase, Circle, or Bitstamp.

If looking to buy bitcoin with a credit card try Cubits or VirWox. Higher fees are also associated with these services.

We hope you found these resources helpful. There are a few other ways to get bitcoin such as accepting them as payment for goods and services, bitcoin faucets that pay out very small amounts, or mining though the difficulty is getting harder and is not as profitable as it once was.

We do recommend using Airbitz to store your funds after purchase because the app allows you to hold your private keys and operates on the very private, zero-knowledge Edge Security platform.

For other resources on buying bitcoin, check out these links:


When it comes to exchanges, be sure to do your due diligence as with any services you come across in the bitcoin space.

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