Find the #hiddenbits

Airbitz is hiding free bitcoin in Miami!

Want to take part in the adventure?

#1 — Download the Airbitz App

First things first, you will need the app to decode the clues we’ll be sending. The Airbitz app is available for both Android and iOS.

#2 — Follow Airbitz on Twitter

Once you are equipped with the Airbitz app, follow us on Twitter and keep an eye out for clues. We’ll begin Tweeting hints starting Friday, January 16th.

#3 — Use The Clues

When a clue is posted, visit the Airbitz directory (the app is BOTH a Bitcoin merchant directory and Bitcoin wallet), and perform a search in the Bitcoin merchant directory using the terms mentioned in the Tweet to find where the Bitcoin is hidden. If your search is successful, the directory listing will contain information related to claiming the Hiddenbits at the location.

#4 — Visit Location to Claim Your Hiddenbits

Once you’ve traveled to the Hiddenbits location (yes, you have to go there in person), follow the instructions inside the merchant’s Airbitz directory listing to claim your reward. All Hiddenbits will be transferred to your Airbitz wallet via a Airbitz Bitcoin Gift Card; the gift card contains a QR code you will need to scan.

#5 — Be Social & Double Your Hiddenbits

After successfully adding the Hiddenbits to your Airbitz Wallet via the QR code, you will be given the opportunity to DOUBLE your reward by Tweeting about your success.

Have fun!

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