FIO Development Update

Edge Wallet and FIO

For the past month, Edge users have been able to:

  1. register FIO addresses under our @edge domain,
  2. connect multiple wallets and assets to their addresses,
  3. send crypto to any other FIO-enabled wallet, and 
  4. send payment requests. 

Now, in the latest release of Edge, users can create their own:

  1. custom FIO domains and
  2. can renew their addresses as well as their own custom domains. 

If a user doesn’t want to use the “@edge” domain, they don’t have to. For example, I could register the “@brett” domain or any other domain that is still available. Registering a custom domain costs 800 FIO tokens which is equivalent to $40 USD. Registering the domain can be paid in FIO tokens and other assets Edge supports including: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, USDC, and DAI. 

As a custom domain holder of “@brett” I can choose whether or not “@brett” is a public or private domain. If it’s private, I’m the only one that can utilize the domain. If I want to make it a public domain, then anyone with a FIO private key can register an address on the public “@brett” domain.

Domain owners have the ability to expire their domain whenever they want, but they cannot control other FIO addresses registered on their domain, nor can they gain access to any information about the addresses on their domain. 

We’ve also added the ability to renew addresses and domains. Each FIO address and domain has a year of usability until they expire. Users will be able to renew their digital property when expiration occurs. No users should have an expiring address or domain yet, but we’re ready for when the time comes to renew your digital property.

If you need any assistance or have any questions about using or setting up your FIO addresses and domain(s) please reach out to our support team at We’ll be happy to work with you. retargeting pixel Skip to content