How We Get Away With Not Giving Employees Paychecks

Getting paid in Bitcoin

This post goes out to all my fellow business owners and CEOs out there who are sick and tired of this whole “paycheck” thing that’s been going on for far too long.

Times are tough, we get it, sometimes business can be slow. Having to do the payroll thing old-school is lame.

At Airbitz, we’re proud to say that we haven’t given a single employee a paycheck in nearly 2 years.

That’s right! Two years and not a single paycheck!

So, what’s our secret? How do we get our employees to work all these years without a paycheck?

It’s easy. We give them something far more valuable than a piece of paper with numbers on it.

Our entire staff is paid in bitcoin. Always has been and will always be. We do this because we don’t believe in just “talking the talk”. Any company in the industry can post articles on social media about how great and awesome Bitcoin is, the true test of their commitment to the industry should be judged by how they operate their businesses.

We pay staff in 100% bitcoin because our team consists of a passionate group who understands we are all working towards a goal that can truly change the world. They don’t just pretend to care about bitcoin, they literally bet on it each and every work day. And, it’s easier to send and more economical than wasting paper on paychecks. We even pay our electrician in bitcoin.

If you are working in this industry and not operating your business with Bitcoin, what are you really doing here? If you don’t believe in Bitcoin enough to use it, do you really believe in it that much?

If you work in the industry and your company doesn’t pay in bitcoin — tell your boss you want to be paid in bitcoin. If you are a CEO of a Bitcoin startup, make it standard practice to pay your employees in bitcoin.

If we want Bitcoin to succeed, each one of us needs to start walking the walk instead of just giving lip service to the technology. Users need to experience its beauty, fluidity, and even its pain points. Then help to build the solutions. Close the loop. retargeting pixel Skip to content