New Update “Matterhorn” & Buy/Sell Bitcoin with No Fees in April

To celebrate our biggest app update yet, we’ve dropped fees for buying and selling Bitcoin inside Airbitz to ZERO for the rest of April!

We’ve dubbed this new version of the Airbitz app “Matterhorn” in honor of our Swiss teammate Lucas Betschart. Get ready for a faster app and a cool way to earn bitcoin rewards for sharing Airbitz with newbies!

The first thing you’ll notice is the updated login screen depicting the starry majesty of Matterhorn, the iconic symbol of the Swiss Alps known as the Mountain of Mountains. Next, you’ll feel a significant performance boost with the speed of logins as well as flow throughout the UI.

In addition to quicker logins and faster UI flow, Airbitz is excited to debut a referral program that is (we think) the first of its kind. Matterhorn gives everyone their own referral link to share with potential new users. When a new user gets introduced to Airbitz from your referral link, you can earn some bits from all gift cards the new user purchases inside of Airbitz for life! We wanted to create a way to further incentivize the Bitcoin Community to share the awesome benefits of Bitcoin with new people, as well, we wanted to find a way to give back to the many tireless evangelists who do so much to support us. Just tap the MENU button in the app to get your link and share it early and often.

For new accounts, the Matterhorn release makes the app’s most powerful and useful functions immediately obvious. Newly created accounts will see some new buttons in the transactions list as shortcuts to buy bitcoin, buy discounted Starbucks and Target gift credits, access, and import Airbitz Keys (or any unencrypted paper wallet/private key). We love our awesome friends at Purse, and their huge discounts for Amazon products shares our vision of bringing bitcoin to a wider audience by helping people save money.

Another big change that should excite bitcoin-accepting merchants and power-users alike is that the Matterhorn release will have Replace-By-Fee detection. If the app detects a transaction with a RBF flag set, the user will see this transaction tagged as RBF or Double Spend. Funds with these tags won’t be able to be spent until they are confirmed by the network. Alternately, other unconfirmed funds will still be able to be spent from if they don’t contain the RBF flag.

You’ll notice that the transaction list also got a redesign. Both the fiat value and the bitcoin value of your transactions are now displayed in your transaction history. And, since we know our users value privacy, you can now hide the total balance amount for each wallet with a single tap where the balance is shown.

Tax time is upon us and we try to make the process as painless as possible by giving users accounting features not offered by any other wallet. Now, it’s even easier with ability to export your transaction histories and meta data in Quickbooks’ QBO format. Your accountant will be thrilled.

While we’ve done our best to build the easiest to use and most secure mobile app for bitcoin, sometimes users still need help. We’ve streamlined the support process inside the app by making it even easier to contact us by email or phone if you encounter a problem. Additionally, user device information will be included when you initiate contact with support. This update helps us help you faster.

The new release is, of course, built on our Edge Security SDK platform. The SDK is now available for developers to use to secure many types of data using blockchain-inspired technology. Airbitz doesn’t limit itself to building a great bitcoin mobile app — we’ve developed a platform unlike any other so you can build an even better one.

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