To The Moon with Lunyr!

We’re pleased to announce the newest partner, Lunyr (pronounced “lunar”), to our ecosystem using our Edge Security SDK!

Lunyr is an extremely ambitious project, whose goal is to build a decentralized wikipedia where by contributors and reviewers can be rewarded with a native token(LUN) for their contributions. In addition, advertisers would be able to buy advertising on the network using the native token(LUN). The aim of Lunyr is to become a globally accessible knowledge network of high quality factual content produced by expert contributors and a strong peer review system. Essentially the starting point for reliable, accurate information on the internet. They for-see many applications using the Lunyr network for accurate, peer reviewed answers to the world’s never ending series of questions.

Lunyr is being built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, leveraging Ethereum’s smart contract capabilities and ability to tokenize networks with specific use-cases.

Airbitz will be providing our Edge Security SDK to increase the usability and security of Lunyr’s end users.

“The user experience of managing private keys in Ethereum makes it difficult for a mainstream audience to adopt the platform. To solve this problem, we’ve teamed up with Airbitz, which has been working on a decentralized, secure, peer-to-peer synchronized, cryptographic key management system since 2014. With Airbitz, Lunyr users will have the ability to login and manage their accounts through a traditional username and password experience while maintaining a high level of cryptographic security. Users remain in full control of their private keys. With this partnership, Lunyr strives to become more easily adopted by a mainstream audience.” — Arnold Pham, Project Lead, Lunyr

Lunyr joins the growing list of premier blockchain applications utilizing Airbitz Edge Security alongside Augur, the decentralized prediction market,, a platform to create and manage DAOs, and Blockfrieght, a blockchain based freight logistics solution. Airbitz is excited to help enable a simple and familiar user experience for its partners in addition to building a Single-Sign-On ecosystem of users for blockchain applications across all of its partner applications.

~For those interested, Lunyr has already started a crowdsale for their “LUN” coin. The crowdsale ends on April 26th. Visit for details~ retargeting pixel Skip to content