How Do You Purchase Bitcoin?

How do you purchase Bitcoin

There are many places to buy Bitcoin, including within your Edge wallet. And no matter where you buy, it’s easy to send your coins to your Bitcoin wallet here at Edge. There are four main options for purchasingBitcoin. They are: Centralized Exchanges Decentralized Exchanges Peer to Peer Exchanges/Sales And thanks to our many exchange integrations, […]

How long does it take to transfer Bitcoin between wallets?

At Edge, we know there are many reasons why users may want to move Bitcoin between their wallets. It could be spreading their money around to reduce risk, maybe they need to move it to a wallet where they can sell some easily and quickly, or maybe they are moving from a hot wallet to […]

How Do You Sell Bitcoin?

If you are like us here at Edge and you believe that Bitcoin is akin to digital, programmable gold, then you likely want to avoid having to sell it. However, there are times when many users need to make a sale, or times when they want to diversify into other assets, leading to a sale […]

The Great Hash-Rate Exodus of 2021

China has finally put the hammer down on its native mining operations, causing bitcoin’s hash-rate to crash and flee to friendlier regions around the world. We’ve heard many different flavors of pseudo bans come out of China over the years but mining seemed to flourish in China without interruption. But times have changed and we’re […]

El Salvador y Bitcoin

El Salvador has leapt into the international spotlight by being the first country to establish a positive multi-layered bitcoin strategy. The meat of the emerging strategy gives bitcoin status as legal tender within El Salvador. The government is looking to make bitcoin easier to use throughout the country in a variety of financial contexts while […]

The Geopolitics of Bitcoin

At the end of our previous article about inflation, we briefly discussed Ray Dalio’s theory of the Long Term Debt Cycle (LTDC). In short, the LTDC is the monetary epoch and system underpinning the more regularly recurring short-term debt cycles also known as business cycles. The short-term debt cycles are the normal ups and downs […]

Getting Started with Bitcoin

Getting started with Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is the world’s first digitally native money and payment network. The asset has a limited supply and can be sent anywhere in the world with no government, corporation, or individual having control over the network. Anyone with an internet connection can download the appropriate software on their device and start using […]

Edge Year in Review

2020 is a year most people would like to forget. A rare, once in a generation culmination of a worldwide pandemic, civil unrest, and political turmoil. It shed light to the barely understood and underestimated effects of human isolation. It is a year where technology rose to the occasion to keep us connected, entertained, and […]

Who Controls Bitcoin Mining?

We know that Satoshi and Hal Finney were the earliest miners, with many more coming after, but the first year of Bitcoin mining was very static and boring. The network’s hashrate was stuck at a max of 7 million hashes per second, which could have been created by no more than 100 people with CPUs. […]

Important Bitcoin Vocab

Bitcoin is difficult to understand. A lot of this difficulty can be attributed to the newness of the terminology being used to describe Bitcoin. Once one starts to understand the vocabulary being used, one can use Bitcoin with greater ease and follow its progression without being totally confused and overwhelmed. Satoshi The first name of […]