Why Are Ethereum Fees so High

Why Are Ethereum Fees so High

In the wild world of Ethereum gas fees, we’ve seen large swings in price over the last couple of years. A migration to other blockchain based networks has begun to […]

Best Ether Wallet

Best Ether Wallet

At Edge, we’re builders first and foremost, but we’re also users and appreciators of any and all great crypto tools available to us. We love our Ethereum wallet, however, no […]

Ethereum Development Update: London Hardfork

The Ethereum network is set to download some upgrades via a planned hard-fork named “London” on August 4, 2021. A hard-fork changes the rules of a blockchain-based network in such […]

EIP-1559: Fee Market Improvement & Scarcity Engine

Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) 1559 has generated incredible excitement over the last few weeks throughout the Ethereum community. This EIP is a redesign of the Ethereum fee market, motivated by […]

New DeFi Tokens Added to Edge

In the latest release of Edge we’ve added a fairly large basket of ERC-20 assets to the wallet. We’ve all watched DeFi (Decentralized Finance) on Ethereum explode over the last […]

Edge Year in Review

2020 is a year most people would like to forget. A rare, once in a generation culmination of a worldwide pandemic, civil unrest, and political turmoil. It shed light to […]

Is ETH Sound Money?

The concept of sound money has been around for millennia, but our current understanding of sound money gained prominence as a more refined concept early in the 19th century amongst […]

ETH Fees, Gas, & The Halting Problem

Ethereum and its applications have seen a historic increase in network traffic as of late, and as a result, network fees have predictably climbed to all time highs. In this […]

Ethereum Development Update: ETH 2.0

Ethereum is getting closer to the second generation of its design, known as ETH 2.0. Ethereum 1.0, like Bitcoin, has used Proof of Work (PoW) for security and consensus. However, […]

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