Monero Development Update: Dandelion++

Dandelion++ is a privacy improvement developed by researchers out of the University of Illinois. It alters the way transactions propagate through the Monero network in an attempt to make it […]

Monero Development Update: Successful Hard-Fork

The privacy focused cryptocurrency, Monero, underwent a successful hard fork on November 30th. Congratulations to the Monero community and the developers that worked hard on this upgrade. Hard-forks of cryptocurrency […]

Fast & Cheap Monero Transactions in Edge

Hot off the hands of our QA department, release v1.4.3 is a big boost in performance and fixes for Edge. We’ve added support for Monero bulletproofs which enable fast and […]

Privacy: Dash vs Monero

We’ve been asked by some of our users about the differences between Dash and Monero, two  cryptocurrencies born out of a desire to make cryptocurrency more private and fungible. It […]

What is Monero and How Does it Achieve Privacy?

Monero(XMR) is a privacy focused cryptocurrency. The Monero project was announced in April 2014 by an anonymous founder and has gained in prominence ever since. Monero is one of the […]

Buy Monero with a Credit Card

With the latest release of Edge, you can now buy Monero using our in app exchange services. If you haven’t set up an Edge Wallet yet, click here to get […] retargeting pixel Skip to content