Zcash Social – Let’s Talk Democracy

In honor of the US election happening this month, we will doing a roundtable discussion centered around democracy, DAO’s and Zcash’s unique voting system. The ZCash Foundation (ZF) utilizes Helious, a […]

Zcash Social – What is Zcash?

What is Zcash and why should you care? Join us on October 27th at 6:30pm to find out! 🎬 We will be showing 2 films produced by David Boyer and […]


Ready to soak up the most cutting-edge knowledge that can be squeezed into a Saturday? Here it is! The first Web3 conference in San Diego, organized by the friendliest locals, […]

Beyond NFTs: Phygital, Dynamic & The Metaverse

With the rise of NFTs and creative use cases emerging, digital assets are getting a facelift. Whether it’s physical items representing on-chain assets, NFTs that change over time or with […]

POAP Crawl 2022

Join us for the first-ever POAP (Pub) Crawl in North Park, San Diego – an event of maximum fun where you will visit 4 bars in North Park, collecting a […]



GM! Edge Staff, Joelly Gloria from Marketing (@joellygloria on Twitter) and Garet Nicholas from Community (@deviotg on Twitter) will be joining NFT NYC this year. Please feel reach out to […]

June BoB – Blockdaemon and Bitlectro Labs

Are you looking to make connections in the Blockchain space? This meetup is perfect for you. Join us in person or on our live stream on the Edge Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/Edgewallet […]

Building a Simple Ethereum Wallet from Scratch

Hello builders! For this presentation, we’ll be diving into a foundational component of the Ethereum ecosystem and blockchain technology: wallets! Bring your laptop and a friend to follow along with […]

May the 4th – Ember Fund & Craypay

Calling all Bitcoin & Crypto Lovers, May the 4th be with you. Got an action-packed lineup with key industry leaders who are building their own Empires, while keeping that Rebel […]