Edge (DeFi UX and Adoption) and Casa (Bitcoin Security)

Join us for a fun filled evening discussing Bitcoin inheritance, Defi lending, security and so much more! Andrew Yang is the head of Client Services at Casa, the most secure wallet for your Bitcoin. He runs BitDevsLA, a bitcoin-focused meetup that has been running for the past two years and has previously worked at River […]

How to Catch a Crypto Crook with Chris Groshong

Chris Groshong is a Certified Fraud Investigator who focuses on helping victims of cryptocurrency scams and is the Chief Compliance Officer for several Bitcoin ATM operators, as well as OTC exchanges, Wallets and other financial institutions. He is a member of the CFCIA (California Financial Crimes Investigators Association) and has served as an Expert Witness […]

Women X Web3

Thank you to the sponsor of this event, BitRefill. Live on crypto. Buy gift cards with your Bitcoin! Give BitRefill a try in Edge today! Learn more at https://www.bitrefill.com/ Edge and Crypto Connect are proud to announce Women X Web3, an event featuring a panel of incredible female leaders in the crypto space. Each of […]

POAP Crawl 2022

Join us for the first-ever POAP (Pub) Crawl in North Park, San Diego – an event of maximum fun where you will visit 4 bars in North Park, collecting a site-specific POAP at each bar. This event is a collaboration between a handful of the Web3 meetup groups in San Diego @SDNFTFriends, @ETH SD, @CryptoHeadz, and Bitcoin & Open […]

Decentralized Power: Finance, Identity, and Independence

The ethos of web3 is about equality for all, and there are projects in crypto that are moving the needle as the industry moves toward mass adoption. As we build out the future of the tech world, genuine fairness and equality for all are closer than ever before. Join us for a panel discussion where […]

Building a Simple Ethereum Wallet from Scratch Pt. 2

​GM Builders! ​This will be part 2 of the Build a Simple Ethereum Wallet from Scratch series. You can find part 1 through this link: https://lu.ma/build-a-wallet. ​For this presentation, we’ll be covering HD wallets (BIP32), Mnemonic/seed phrase (BIP39), and lightly touch on multipurpose/multi-currency (BIP43/44). ​For this event, there will be a soft requirement to hold an […]