Hurify Partners with Edge

We are pleased to announce a partnership with Hurify, who will be yet another blockchain based project leveraging our Edge Secure SDK. Hurify is building a platform ecosystem for project owners and developers to connect and collaborate on IoT projects seamlessly across borders. Hurify enables this collaboration by means of a smart contract system supporting […]

Equifax and the NEED for Edge Security

(No Equifax consumer information is in this photo) As many of you have heard by now, Equifax, one of the big 3 consumer credit reporting agencies is engulfed in a massive data security breach that affects close to 140 million consumers in the United States. According to multiple outlets malicious actors gained access to Equifax consumer […]

How to Maximize Airbitz Edge Security

We at Airbitz are proud to offer the most secure, easy to use bitcoin wallet in the industry. Below are a list of steps you can take as a user to enhance our Edge Security to the highest degree possible! Use a Strong Password! Using a strong password makes it near impossible for an attacker […]

Why Aren’t You Using Two Factor Authentication?

What if I told you that there was a way to dramatically beef up security on all your online accounts in a matter of a few easy clicks? Say hello to Two Factor Authentication: eight syllables heard frequently in security spaces but sound like jargon to non-techy folks (myself included before I learned about Bitcoin). […]

5 Massive Hacks That Edge Security Could Have Prevented

Cyber security made big headlines again last week with the announcement from Samsung that a company called LoopPay, which Samsung had acquired to set up its payment system, had been hit by a hacking incident. Both companies have been eager to assure customers that no financial information was stolen and that the hackers did not […]