How to Maximize Airbitz Edge Security

We at Airbitz are proud to offer the most secure, easy to use bitcoin wallet in the industry. Below are a list of steps you can take as a user to enhance our Edge Security to the highest degree possible!

Use a Strong Password!

  • Using a strong password makes it near impossible for an attacker to brute force or guess your password
  • Don’t use known phrases or quotes
  • Use 10+ characters, in fact the longer the better
  • Use special characters, uppercase letters, and numbers
  • Write it down and store it somewhere safe!

Enable 2 Factor Authentication(2FA)

  • Makes it such that ONLY your device can login to that account
  • Even if an attacker knows your username and password, the attacker will NOT be able to log in on any other devices other than the original device
  • You can add additional devices so that you can sign in to more than one device
  • 2FA can be found in Settings and more information about our 2FA can be found here

Enable Spending Limits

  • Enabling spending limits makes it such that every attempt to send bitcoin out of your wallet will always require the full password
  • Set this at zero so that no matter the amount sent, it will always require the full password
  • Setting spending limits may also help you remember your password indirectly by having you enter it every-time you send money

Auto Logout

  • Set this feature to 1 minute or less
  • If you ever leave your device unattended for a split moment while it’s logged in, it will automatically logout and require the password to log back into the account

Fingerprint & PIN Disabled

  • By having Fingerprint disabled, you will reduce the risk of having someone force you to sign into the account with your fingerprint
  • In some countries and/or states, you are protected from having to sign in with your password BUT you can still be forced to unlock your phone with the fingerprint
  • By disabling PIN, you reduce the risk of an attacker being able to gain access if the device is stolen since it only requires 4 digits
  • However, if spending limits and auto logout are turned on, the attacker would immediately find themselves having to enter the full password to do anything with the account, so this step may be superfluous
  • We incorporated features such as PIN and fingerprint login that increase ease of use but there is often times a slight tradeoff between ease of use and security; for absolute, maximum security we recommend disabling these features

Recovery Questions — Enable and setup

  • Password Recovery Set-Up can be found in Settings
  • How it Works: After setting up the questions and answers the user sends the first key to their own email address, with the device itself also saving a copy. The Airbitz servers blindly store the encrypted second key. The two keys are useless without each other, and can only be brought together by answering the two recovery questions to regain account access. The user is able to recover their password and Airbitz keeps its zero knowledge architecture.

We’ve developed a security platform from the ground up with the user in mind. By default we have a secure, easy to use mobile wallet that anyone can use with a high degree of confidence and peace of mind. Within our wallet, as highlighted above, we’ve developed tools and best practices that will make your Airbitz Wallet an impenetrable fortress to even the most determined, sophisticated attackers.

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