Airbitz Adds Deterministic Transaction Signatures

The latest update of the Airbitz Mobile wallet now supports RFC6979 Deterministic Transaction Signatures ( This as a significant layer of security against random number attacks which target the signatures of every bitcoin transaction. Bitcoin uses elliptic curve digital signatures which require a random value with every transaction. Multiple transactions utilizing the same private key and a poor random number generator for transaction signing may reveal a significant portion of the private key. RFC6979 is a standard by which the necessary random value is derived deterministically from various parts of the message being signed. This eliminates the need for a random number generator on every transaction and significantly boosts security for Bitcoin wallets (

We are happy to be on the forefront of Bitcoin security by being one of the first wallets that implement RFC6979. Get it now on Android & iOS v1.3.2 or higher.

Now that we’ve made the geeks happy, how about some pretty pictures! Our latest update also includes a new photo gallery that lets users swipe through all the photos of a merchant listing. Just swipe the top photo while viewing a listing or top the photo to view them in full screen.


Thanks for using Airbitz and as always please send us feedback at

The Airbitz Team

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