New Buy/Sell Integration for US Users Plus Expanded Asset Support


Since our last major release, version 4.0, we’ve been hard at work integrating new assets, refining features, and optimizing our user experience. We’re thrilled to bring you the latest updates and improvements to your favorite cryptocurrency wallet – let’s dive into what’s new and exciting in Edge!

Buy, Sell, and More

In our commitment to providing seamless access to the cryptocurrency ecosystem, we’ve integrated Kado’s ACH buy/sell functionality into Edge for US residents (excluding Texas and New York). Users can now buy and sell crypto using their bank with fees as low as 1.2% including spread and settlement times as quick as 5 minutes. Users no longer have any reason to buy via a centralized exchange, hold their funds there, and later transfer those funds to their Edge account. Purchase directly inside of Kado and the funds are automatically sent to your Edge account.

Moreover, we’re excited to announce support for WalletConnect on Cosmos-based chains. These integrations further solidify Edge’s position as a versatile and comprehensive solution for managing Cosmos assets. Learn how to use WalletConnect within Edge by visiting our How to Use WalletConnect support article. 

New Asset Support

We’re excited to announce the addition of 7 new highly-requested assets in Edge: Osmosis (OSMO), Cosmos (ATOM), Axelar (AXL), Arbitrum (ARB), Base EVM, and Coreum (COREUM). With these new additions, our users can now seamlessly store, send, and receive these tokens, expanding the range of cryptocurrencies supported by Edge.

For those interested in staking, we’ve introduced support for staking on the Coreum network. Now you can easily participate in network validation and earn rewards directly in Edge. Learn more about our Coreum Superledger integration here.

Enhanced User Experience

To ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for our users, we’ve introduced several enhancements to the wallet. Now, when buying or selling crypto, users can easily select their state of residence, streamlining the buy/sell process and ensuring compliance with local regulations.

One key enhancement made recently is the ability to send funds to multiple addresses with one Bitcoin transaction. This feature provides greater flexibility and convenience, especially for users managing multiple transactions simultaneously.

Additionally, we understand that every user has different preferences when it comes to user interface animations. That’s why we’ve added an option in the Settings menu to enable or disable animations according to your preference, allowing for a more personalized experience. Animations that can be disabled and enabled include loading, transitional, and gesture animations.

We understand the importance of accurate fee estimations, especially in fast-paced crypto markets. That’s why we’ve improved the accuracy of on-chain fee estimations for Ethereum Layer 2 assets, including BASE and OP, providing users with more reliable cost predictions.

Get in Touch with Real Humans

At Edge, we prioritize customer satisfaction, and our support team is here to assist you every step of the way. Whether you have questions, encounter issues, or simply need guidance, our team of real humans is standing by to help. You can reach out to us at, and we’ll be happy to address your needs promptly.

With these updates and improvements, we’re striving to empower users with greater accessibility, functionality, and security. We’re committed to delivering innovative solutions and enhancing your crypto experience. Thank you for choosing Edge, and stay tuned for more exciting updates in the future by subscribing to our newsletter below! retargeting pixel Skip to content