Airbitz Gets a Little Social with App Update

Version 1.3 of Airbitz is now available on the iOS and Google Play Stores and it incorporates improved security in addition to a number of key features to make life easier on the Bitcoin user.


Users can now re-login to accounts using just the account 4 digit PIN. For security purposes, the Airbitz app will logout users when it gets shutdown either by a reboot of the phone or if the Android or Apple iOS operating system choose to shut it down due to low resources on the device. In such a case, accessing the wallet will now only require a 4 digit PIN. We’ve implemented a crafty server assisted PIN re-login that doesn’t compromise on our security practices.


Users can now assign spending limits to their account. The PIN is no longer required to spend smaller amounts under 50mBTC. The PIN-Required spending limit can be adjusted or even disabled to a user’s liking. Great for making a small cup of joe easy to buy while making sure you don’t accidentally send money with an extra “0”.

We’ve also added Password-Required daily spending limits. This allows an account on a device to be given to someone else with limited access to funds. The account will be allowed to spend up to a user specified amount of Bitcoin per day. After that, the full account password will be required for additional spends. This is useful for those using Airbitz as a merchant POS as it allows staff to receive funds and login to the app using just a PIN while having restricted or no access to spend funds.


We’ve made the mobile Airbitz Bitcoin Map/Directory a bit more “social” as well. From within the app, you can now share a business listing with friends via email, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, or your favorite messaging application. In addition, you can tap to view the social media links of each business including their Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare pages.

Download it Now

We hope you enjoy Airbitz and please feel free to send us feedback at

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