Airbitz Launches “Password Recovery 2.0,” with Privacy Features

Password Recovery 2.0 prompts the user to choose two questions and provide their unique answers either when the account is created or to already existing accounts. The user then sends an email to themselves that includes a special link, which by itself is useless. Tapping on the link will take the user to their questions, and after providing their answers, will be logged back in and able to change their password.

In the event of a forgotten password and losing access to the user’s device, a user can regain access to their Airbitz account on any other device by accessing the email containing the special link that they sent to themselves.

If the user still has access to their device and only forgot their password, they can tap the “Forgot Password” tab on the login screen, answer their two questions, and complete the log-in. Since the user’s device had previously logged into their account, the key stored on the device is still there, making the emailed link unnecessary.

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