Airbitz Partners with Cashaa


Airbitz is partnering with Cashaa, a blockchain based remittance application, providing Cashaa users with the same tools that make Airbitz the safest, easiest to use cryptocurrency wallet on the market.

Cashaa, which has been named one of the 100 most influential blockchain companies, merges the fiat world and the crypto world by enabling users the ability to transfer fiat money for less than a fraction of a cent utilizing blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Cashaa fiat transfers are facilitated by a network of cryptocurrency and forex traders who use the Cashaa trading platform. Airbitz will provide a key management solution so that Cashaa itself never holds any money but stays a technology platform that facilitates value transfer. Airbitz allows Cashaa to become mainstream through easy and simple use without the vast technical knowledge or worry about security.

“Airbitz is one of the most secure and trusted cryptocurrency wallets, which is in line with the ethics and vision of Cashaa, in providing platinum grade service for the people around the world” — Kumar gaurav, CEO & Founder of Cashaa

Cashaa joins the growing list of premier blockchain applications utilizing Airbitz Edge Security including Augur, the decentralized prediction market,, a platform to create and manage DAOs,, and OpenLedger a decentralized asset exchange. Airbitz is excited to help enable a simple and familiar user experience for its partners in addition to building a Single-Sign-On ecosystem of users for blockchain applications across all of its partner applications. retargeting pixel Skip to content