Airbitz v2.2.0 Introduces Password Recovery

We’ve just broken ground by implementing the world’s first frictionless password recovery which lets users recover forgotten passwords with just 2 questions and an email.

This new feature allows our users and Airbitz SDK-powered app users to easily recover a forgotten password to their private data using a two-key authentication format.

The user sends the first key to their own email address, with the device itself also saving a copy. The Airbitz servers blindly store the encrypted second key. The two keys are useless without each other, and can only be brought together by answering the two recovery questions to regain account access.

In addition to password recovery we’ve included many other exciting improvements:

  • Bitrefill plugin integration which lets users buy mobile top ups from over 600 carriers in 143 countries
  • Fixed TouchID occasionally not recognizing touches
  • Archived accounts now take up less resources by not querying the network or sync’ing transaction data
  • Background notifications of incoming funds if app is recently backgrounded
  • Fallback public address for failed BIP70 payment protocol transactions
  • Improved language translations
  • Show small dropdown when unable to connect to network

As always, our source code is open to the public and available on our Github repo retargeting pixel Skip to content