Airbitz Wallet v 1.4.2 Available Now

The latest release of the Airbitz bitcoin wallet is now available on Android and iOS.

v 1.4.2 now includes:

  • New UI redesign on Android
  • Bluetooth (BLE) support for Android! Due to Android restrictions, Send & Receive is only supported on Nexus 6 & 9 while Send is supported on most devices running Android 4.3+. Now iPhone and Android can play BLE together at last 🙂
  • New UX design for Transaction Details screen to make it easier to categorize transactions (Android)
  • Scaled mining fees on Android (soon to come on iOS). Mining fees are calculated at 0.1% of transaction amount with a max of 0.1 mB and a minimum of 0.01. This gives the benefit of a full, recommended mining fee on amounts greater than 100 mB ($22) and a smaller fee on smaller transactions down to 10mB where it reaches a minimum fee of 0.01 mB which matches the Schildbach Android wallet and other BitcoinJ wallets
  • Improved networking code to be more stable and usable in poor networking conditions
  • Lots of minor bug fixes

Check it out at[1]

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